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Who We Are

G-Project is a renowned educational value added service provider based in Nigeria with recognised International affiliations. We offer various educational services to schools and children.Some of these include educational excursions to children within and outside the country; assisting in gaining admission into foreign universities; training and refresher courses for teachers and schools; and educational exchange programmes to other countries.

Our Team


Idris Balogun


Arinze Ofoma


Gabriel Anyanna

Head of Logistics

Richard Okobiah

Head of Business Development

What We Do


This product entails building academic excellence and providing great opportunities for students to explore and extend, enrich their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting. We currently offer clients/schools International and Local Tours. It is widely known that students gain knowledge and upgrade their skills in different ways and out-of-class learning is seen as a tool for bridging the gap and limitations of the conventional form of learning. By organising educational tours, G.E.T plays an important role in enlightening students in a practical and interesting manner. Students easily relate abstract concept studied with real life experiences. Things they see can be easily remembered and understood than something read in books. In addition, educational tours are an excellent way for fun and recreation of students and teachers alike. Educational tours support the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning and must be considered in curriculum planning at all levels of educational administration and planning.


This programme provides the required assistance for securing admission into foreign institutions for A levels, Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree programme, and Doctors’ of Philosophy (PhD) programmes. When students study in a foreign country, their horizons are broadened and they gain global exposure. The excellent educational infrastructure, top-notch distinguished teaching methodology, quality research, rich heritage and diverse culture of European and other foreign countries make them an amazing place to study. In G-Project, we work with a selected number of reputable international higher institutions that award degrees and certifications that are globally accepted. These degrees are recognised by international universities, top employers and government bodies, creating huge number of chances to get placed with leading companies.


We organise in-house and refreshers training programmes for teachers as well as orientation and induction exercises for new teachers. This programme also helps in recruiting subject and specialised teachers into primary and secondary schools. It also empowers teachers with in-service skills and knowledge that make them perform their duties effectively with respect to International standards in their profession.


G.S.M helps students, teachers, and school administrators to organise and collaborate better, which in turn facilitates learning. This product is designed with the intention of increasing productivity, reducing cost and improving communications and quality of services rendered. Based on the requirements of schools, we can modify the current programme(s) being operated by making them more efficient and effective. These services are divided into two categories: GSM-Soft and GSM-Hard. In GSM-Soft, software packages and applications are provided to cater for daily attendance, continuous assessment, examination, school fees payment, and pupil-teacher interaction platforms as well as other peculiar needs. In GSM-Hard, consulting services in timetable designs, applying Higher Order Thinking and trainings on school administrative services and educational software management would be delivered.

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